How Old Does a Child Need To Be In Order to Stay Alone at Home


“When I was little, I was home alone and at the age of 4, now that I have a kid, I don’t know if I can leave him. Sometimes it feels funny and sometimes it’s very dangerous.”

Raising children is challenging and difficult, no matter If the times are peaceful or wild.

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Assessing when it is the right time for the child to stay home alone is of great importance, and it is a very sensitive issue.

Educators and psychologists agree that there isn’t a universal time that could apply to all children because there are large individual differences between them.

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The ideal time depends on when your child is ready to stay home alone and what kind of child he or she is. If a child is, for example, timid, of course, you shouldn’t just leave him/her at home alone. The same rule applies if the child is too restless and unpredictable.

Psychologists believe that there isn’t a specific age, but that the most important assessment of parents is when the time is right.

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  • There is also legislation that states that a preschooler shouldn’t be at home alone. However, it is very individual because you have children that are younger but mature, and you also have children who are older, but who didn’t mature enough.
  • There is no universal rule here, it depends on the child, it depends on the relationship between the child and the parent. It also depends on habits and it is up to the parent to evaluate.

Children who are still in kindergarten (age 7) are incapable of being alone at home, that is, it isn’t safe for them to be without parental supervision. Educators say that a child from the age of 10 can only stay at home alone for a few hours.

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Psychologists also state that it is very important for children at a certain age to be left alone at home because they thus gain a sense of responsibility for particular situations, learn about independence and safety.

Psychologists agree that the age of 12 is the time when the child is ready and needs to stay home alone, but only occasionally.

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In this process, it is very important to be gradual, to practice staying home alone, leaving your child only for a few minutes at first, then for half an hour, and then for an hour or so.

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