How The Last Weeks of Michael Jackson’s Life Looked Like


More than 10 years after the death of Michael Jackson, his former bodyguard, Matt Fiddes, claims that accusations of pedophilia have been the catalyst for the premature death of the celebrated singer.

Matt Fiddes worked as a member of Michael’s security from 1999 until his death in 2009. He revealed what the musician’s final years looked like. He also claimed that Michael “was never the same again” after the trial ended in 2005.

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The trial took place because of the allegations of boyfriend Gavin Arvez. He claimed that Michael had sexually abused him in the infamous ” Leaving Neverland ” in 2003. Still, after five months of trial, Jackson was acquitted.

Ahead of the release of a new documentary, Michael Jackson: Chasing The Truth, which contrasts with Leaving Neverland and aims to defend the musician, Fiddes has once again stepped in to protect his former employer.

He acknowledged that Jackson “ended up in complete confusion” over allegations that he was a pedophile. Though he wasn’t officially found guilty – the damage had already been done.

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“It was clear after the verdict that he would never again be able to snap his fingers and be old Michael Jackson again,” he said.

“By his end, he was like a walking corpse. He struggled even to eat and sleep, he was in complete chaos,” he continued, adding that during the trial, the singer lost a huge amount of money.

Despite Jackson strongly denying the allegations of the abuse, Matt claims that the singer became abnormally paranoid. Michael constantly believed that “someone would catch him”, and that everyone turned against him. In his opinion, the tour of the UK was going to directly lead him to death.

“He was terrified of being killed on stage and kept making stupid suggestions about wearing a bulletproof vest during the performance. We explained to him that the public loved him and that there wouldn’t be any problems. I assured him that I was there to personally take care of his safety, ”Matt recalled.

He added that he believed Jackson would still be alive today if only he had been able to make contact with his notorious father Joe before his death.

By the way, Michael’s former publicist Raymond Bane also recently defended the deceased King of Pop. He demanded that the continued attacks on him stop.

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