How the Zodiac Signs Avenge Themselves


The horoscope can reveal to us many great things, and besides the beautiful features and virtues that adorn every sign of the Zodiac, the stars can reveal to us dark sides of the humankind.


Aries strikes immediately; Thanks to the ruling planet Mars, Aries will not resist reacting on an insult or injury – immediately. If hurt, Aries are the worst people you can deal with. Their temperament and low blows will put out of tact even the most civilized people.

Physical assault, throwing objects is also possible … Their revenge is not strategic or planned, and it is a good thing that they can calm down quickly.

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Taurus never forgets. Members of this sign forget nothing, let alone the things that hurt, disappoint, or anger them. They will try to hide how crazy they are.

Instant revenge is not their style – they, like military commanders, are watching and waiting for the moment when their opponent is weakest. Once they have fulfilled their revenge, they will never again have trust in that person and the culprit is forever blacklisted.


Gemini is unpredictable; The members of this sign are truly unpredictable, even to themselves. If you hurt or offend them with something that is important to them, they will come up with the most sinister plan in the world.

However, as the time for revenge comes, they will simply change their mind – whether they have moved on to other and more interesting things, or simply removed that person out of their lives. On the other hand, they can declare war on a neighbor who accidentally scratched their car.


Cancer can be reckless; Members of this sign are one of those people who often seek revenge, or at least think about it. Best of all, the trigger can be anything to them.

It is more difficult for them to bear the consequences of their revenge than to find the causes, and in an angry mood they can rule out common sense. As big as their heart is, in revenge they can really be horrible.

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Revenge of the Leo is like a tsunami; The members of this sign are above all honorable and proud, and it is these points that make them very sensitive to the disappointments others put them through. They simply cannot ignore insults.

They strike in all ways – words, deeds, pranks, the method is not important, they just need to release all that anger. In other words, there is no chance for Leo to forgive the one who hurt him badly, and friendship beyond that is impossible.


Virgo does not take revenge, she humiliates you; Members of this sign are not known for being some great avengers, but they are very stubborn. When someone hurts them, they will play on the emotion card. Namely, Virgo will make their enemy feel miserable about what he has done. Their goal is to make you cry and embarrass you, and their revenge is generally quiet – nothing that attracts public attention.


Libra is punishing with silence; This is a sign of the righteous – it is their cosmic duty to seek justice. On the other hand, they love drama, and in a conflict, they make things worse until a total war ensues. Their favorite tactic is being cold – they will absolutely ignore you.

They can continue this behavior for years, and if the accused asks them “why,” they will pretend to be surprised and say they don’t know what they are talking about. The accused cab be redeemed if he is persistent – but people born in this sign want genuine remorse.


Flee from Scorpios revenge; If you have deeply offended or hurt members of this sign, you are better off changing your business, your place of residence, or better still, your continent. Namely, they are champions of revenge. They have a hard time forgiving, and their revenge is well thought out and, best of all, it has no end – they pour out poison whenever their paths connect with whoever hurt them.

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Sagittarius regrets rather than hates; With a member of this character, the conflict situation is more likely to go without bloodshed, because Sagittarius tends to take nothing personally.

That is why it is difficult to provoke great indignation in them, and because they are empathetic, they will be sorrier for the one who did them harm than hate him. Still, if you awaken their revengeful intentions – they act promptly and reasonably.


Capricorn serves revenge cold; If a member of this character decides to take revenge, he will do so gradually, methodically and with minimal interference with emotions. The feeling is already gone as they decide to act, only bitterness and decision remain. Then he will turn into a powerful enemy, sure of what he is doing – you are guilty, you will pay now. They do it gracefully as if they have risen from the situation. They don’t forgive easily.


Aquarius rarely takes revenge; Members of this sign are not prone to revenge. They tend to move away emotionally from conflict situations, as well as limit the problem so that it does not affect other parts of their lives, and it does them pretty well. If they accidentally decide to retaliate, they act like a child – loud and noisy. After that, they remove the person that hurt them from their life.

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Pisces turns into piranhas; Although they would never say that, the gentle members of this sign can turn into piranhas if they are badly hurt and decide to take revenge. Their frustrations are directed so far that they do crazy scenarios, imagine the complete collapse of their enemy and even their death. Their tactics are to ridicule and belittle the one who hurt them, and their revenge is not logical, but primarily emotional.

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