How To Clean Your Earphones The Right Way


Most of us use earphones almost every day – at work, in public transportation, while walking around the city or training … However, many do not clean them regularly, and it seems that this is not the smartest decision.

Recently, a short video went viral on Tik Tok, in which it is explained in detail how to clean your earphones properly. On the same video, we see a huge amount of dirt being cleaned out of such a small object.

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So, if you want your earphones to be perfectly clean, prepare a toothpick, plasticine, cotton buds, and a little alcohol or disinfectant. 

The headphones need to be cleaned with a toothpick first, and then a little plasticine is pressed on the top of the earphones to remove the accumulated dirt in detail. You will also see traces of the dirt on the plasticine itself. Finally, soak the cotton bud with alcohol, and then use it to go through the entire earphones in detail. 

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You can see the procedure in detail in the attached video, which was watched by over two million people. Most of them claim that after this kind of cleaning, “terrible things came out” of their earphones.

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