How to Win, Love, And Keep Taurus?


Taurus will be a solid rock for his partner to rely on, but beneath the somewhat cold exterior lies a surprising passion.

Find out what Taurus needs from a loved one, what “burns” him, what is his most hidden secret, and much more.

  1. What does he or she need from a loved one?

Sensuality, security, and stability are the most important things for him in a relationship. The relationship with him may not be the most exciting in the world, but no one knows how to enjoy the good, simple things that life brings. Good food, a comfortable home and peace, and tranquility in a stable relationship – that’s what Taurus craves.

  1. How does love show?

Taurus is not a sign of exaggerated words, so you will not hear great outbursts of love from him, but you will not experience a dramatic expression of feelings. Tauruses best express love through physical expressions and contacts, hugs, and through the security that comes from spending every free moment with a partner.

These are the ways in which Taurus will show you that he loves you – with a few words, but a lot of hugs and physical contact.

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  1. Which signs does Taurus best agree with in love?

He does not like it when someone disrupts their routine and they like stability and calmness. That is why in love they agree the worst with signs that need constant changes, such as the air signs Gemini and the “complicated” Aquarius.

They will be happier with other air signs, Virgo and Capricorn, or water signs, Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio. But Taurus is often attracted by the fire signs Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, which offers them excitement and encourage them to take action, although the connection with them for Taurus will not be stable enough.

  1. How to win the heart of this sign?

“Love goes through the stomach” is a saying that is worth more for Taurus than for any other zodiac sign. So, if you want to win his heart, prepare a dish for him to enjoy. He does not open his heart easily and must feel safe before giving it to someone.

  1. What “turns Taurus on”?

Taurus is easily aroused and is an extremely sensual sign, but reluctant to experiment in bed. That is why in sex, for example, he does not get along well with a lover of experimenting with Aries, because Taurus considers this Aries tendency to be distasteful.

Sensual massage, the feeling of silk underwear on the skin, a romantic atmosphere with dim lights and gentle music (Barry White or Marvin Gaye) – it’s to Taurus’ taste.

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  1. What secret he or she hides?

More than any other sign longs for a stable love relationship, so it is the most attached zodiac sign. Although he has strong sexuality, he will not show that characteristic until he feels completely safe next to you.

Because of the need for security, he rarely allows themselves to be shown vulnerability. That is why the partner will need to dive deep into his personality to discover the wealth of pleasures that Taurus can give to a loved one.

  1. What should be avoided regarding Taurus?

This sign does not like anything that has to do with danger or manipulation, nor is he a fan of surprises. Remember that Taurus’ safety and comfort are the most important and anything that endangers their comfort zone will encourage him to withdraw.

So don’t try to make Taurus jealous or pretend to be invincible. For Taurus, everything that needs to be bothered too much is not worth the effort.

  1. How to communicate with Taurus?

He or she is a static sign known for its firm beliefs. Simply put – he is very stubborn. He is never in a hurry with a conclusion, but when he forms an opinion, he will never change it. Because of his desire for peace and tranquility, he does not like to quarrel. If you want to understand your thinking that is different from his, you must first make sure that he feels very comfortable, and then start talking.

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  1. How to keep the love of Taurus?

Of all the signs of the horoscope, his love is the easiest to keep, primarily because Taurus does not like change. Nothing makes him happier than the knowledge that he will return to the comfort and safety of home every day and be with a loved one.

Simplicity and enjoyment of the little things for him are an invaluable treasure, and we can all learn something from this.

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