I Live in The Same House With my Ex-husband And His New Wife: Here’s What Our Life Looks Like!


When someone looks at us – we’re a normal family. But here’s what’s really going on.

Divorce is a word that is not mentioned in my house. Divorce is a word in our society that describes the failure. A failure in marriage. Failure in relationships. Failure in parenting. But that’s not my case. There was no failure in my marriage, just the realization that two people no longer had anything in common and that is perfectly fine.

I don’t know when exactly it happened and I don’t know why it happened, but the love is gone. We married young, after six months of dating we decided to get married. Only then did we discover that we had a different taste for music, food, a desire for a vacation.

Also, he is a man who loves peace, while I am someone who loves going out, hanging out with people… But besides that, I don’t know what happened – all the love was gone.

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That’s how we parted 13 years after our wedding. There were no hard words, accusations or anything like that. I decided to move out, but only when I found a suitable apartment. Until then, we lived together – as roommates.

We had lunch together, watched TV, took care of our child, but we slept in separate rooms and romance was not involved in our relationship at all.

When we talked about me having to move out, we were both afraid of how it would affect our child and so the days, months and years went by.

He was the father of my child, I was the mother of his child and that was our relationship.

The problem came when we both expressed the desire to bring someone “overnight” to our house. Then we realized that it wasn’t going to work, so it was decided to bring this third person only if the relationship was extremely serious.

We realized that it was the right time to tell our daughter the truth. She was only eight years old and feared she would lose her family. She saw so many similar situations with her friends. We convinced her that she had no reason to worry and that everything would be okay in the end.

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On the other hand, we had the biggest problem with my family. My parents are traditional people who have been married for 48 years. During that time, they didn’t even think about getting a divorce. Even when I told them that I would still live with my ex-husband in the same house, they thought it was just our “modern, contemporary fad” and that everything would come to its own soon.

Nearly three years after my divorce, my ex-husband seriously fell in love. I was not jealous or worried. It was normal to expect that we will find the love we deserved.

I was happy for him. They got married last year. And yes, we all live together and we get along super well. My ex-husband is a happy man and I see his wife brings out the best of him.

When they decided to get married, they both suggested that I should stay in the house until further notice. The decision is to live together until our daughter goes to college.

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I think his wife was shocked the first time she met me. It took her a while to accept our relationship and realize that I was absolutely uninterested in my ex-husband.

I value her the most and I love that she really loves my daughter. Even my parents saw it.

My life, on the other hand, is complicated. No man wants to have anything with me, a single mother living with an ex-husband and his wife.

I know that one day I will meet someone who will understand me and my life, but until then I am alone.

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