“I Lost Friends Because They Couldn’t Stand my Beauty”: A Woman Who Claims Her Appearance Has Ruined Her Social Life


People often joke about saying that beauty hurts. Jane Curnow felt the actuality of this phrase on her skin.

She is 51 years old, works as a fitness trainer and model, and aims to instill confidence and life force in the people she works with. Before her life flourished in her sixth decade, she was depressed and alone.

Curnow claims that she lost many friends in her thirties. She didn’t know why they didn’t want to hang out with her, and then one night she got an answer.

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“Women were always jealous of me. I lost a lot of friends and was always convinced that it was my fault, and I didn’t know they hated me for my appearance until my ex-friend brought me to the club. I didn’t want the men’s attention, but I got it. It bothered her a lot, “Jane said.

Specifically, Jane claims that the attention of men combined with the jealousy of women of her appearance drove away all of her friends.

Curnow was diagnosed with depression in the early 1930s and she had struggled with it for more than a decade. Desperate because of the lack of friends, she replaced the notion of happiness with attractiveness, to be exact, she was only happy when men praised her appearance.

“I realized that my strength was in appearance. Instead of being happy, I felt constant pressure. I asked myself – if I’m so attractive, why am I so unhappy. If you don’t love yourself, it doesn’t matter if you look good. Good looks can often cover the fact that you don’t love yourself. Instead of working on the inside, I was focused on the outside. “

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Jane decided in the forties to work on her inner and physical beauty. She took a big bite and started being serious about fitness and healthy eating.

Now she’s in the role of advising others to feel good on the outside and on the inside.

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