I Married A Much Older Man. This Is My Life Today!


Does a much older man can make a woman happy? Couples with a big difference in age discover how their lives look and break all the negative prejudices.

Married couples with a big age differences from around the world have shared their unconventional love stories online to break the negative prejudice that such relationships are based. Here are some of the girls, who married a much older man.

Alice is with partner Tim, who is 33 years older than three years.

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“He is older than my parents, and three of his children are older than me, but we live like a normal family,” she says.

Laura Mary, 23, and David Oliver, 52, of Summerset, have shared the distinction of three decades.

“We’ve been together for almost 2 years and we are very in love. Our story started when I listened to his band on CD, and then I decided to look for him on Facebook. We became friends and then a couple. Today he is mine love and my biggest friend, “she said.

A Brazilian student, 20, met her boyfriend, 38, while studying at a university where she studied visual arts, and he studied music – he said it was love at first sight.

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“We have had a lot of problems accepting, especially because of my family. They could not accept that I married a much older man. But we believe in soul mates and fight for our love.”

American Emma Colin Walker, 21, says she met her partner Michael, 41, while in high school.

“My boyfriend and I have been together for almost two years and every moment with him is absolute bliss. He was my professor, and I always liked him. A few months after I graduated, I called him and we became close friends, the rest is history. As much as it sounds cliché, if you love someone, years are really just a number, “says Emma.

Do you agree with this kind of love?

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