If You Are Doing These Things, You Will Drive Away for Your Partner!


You might think that checking an email or sending an emergency email has no effect on the relationship, but you’re mistaken.

Many underestimate the impact of anxiety caused by work, and it turned out that the expectation of being constantly available only increases stress, not only for the employee but also for their partner and children.

If you bring your job home, not only will you risk becoming tighter, but also endanger your relationship and the peace in your household, according to a study by Virginia Technical University.

What started out as a privilege for employees has thus turned into a disadvantage. Flexible work should have brought more autonomy, freedom to the employee, and it did the opposite, loaded them with more obligations and put their health in danger.

Even when the employer does not explicitly ask the worker, it is sometimes difficult for him to refrain from responding to an e-mail he sees as an emergency. That’s why psychologists advise employers to solve the problem by, for example, sending an email after work time to an automated answering bot stating that the employee is out of office.

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