In the Eyes of Others: Leo is Egocentric, Pisces Are Too Silent …


You know yourself, your characteristics, you know who suits you, but the stars also make a big difference to the impression you make on other people.


You have so many great ideas, and even energy to make them come to fruition. While everyone else is dormant, you think they expect you to lead them. But other people also have ideas from time to time, so it would be great if you could show patience and listen to them, and maybe even appreciate them from time to time. What do you say?


You are too stubborn. Also, you need to speak in order to communicate with others at all. You needlessly expect others to read your mind. You just have to talk more and open up to people. Unspoken expectations will not get you far, it just complicates the life of the people who love you.

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If you are making a promise, you should at least keep it. You are a great and fun person and everyone loves to be around you, but sometimes it really hurts people to feel that they are last on the list, all because you want to be good with everyone and you don’t know how to organize yourself.


People care about you, but you do not fully understand it and accept it, but rather relentlessly question everything. If you are always looking for something bad, of course, you will find it, so others have to be very careful around you which can be exhausting. Relax a little.


We know this may sound shocking to you, but the world is not just about you. Sometimes people do something because they wanted it themselves, not just to prove something to you. And no, not everyone is against you, nor has everyone conspired to wrong you. Be a little more realistic, then it will be a lot easier for you.

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You are too critical of yourself and others. That’s why you make people feel like they are worthless. Stop for a while and show love, tenderness, vulnerability – fear not, no one will use you or think less of you. You will be less nervous.


Everyone around you appreciates your determination and dedication, as well as your unique, almost childlike worldview. But you need to stop trying to please everyone. Learn how to say no. Take a stand because your indecision is often making you feel like you are on the verge of strength, and because of that, your loved ones suffer.


You give so much to others – love, motivation, passion, laughter – but sometimes you have to let go of your controlling behavior. You cannot control everything or expect to know everything. This very often suffocates other people.

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Can you slow down a bit? Your need to move constantly, do something and plan is great and it’s one of the reasons why people love you and love being in your company. But sometimes your loved ones see you only when you pass them by, say something quickly and leave. This can be frustrating, especially if sometimes others want you to be there for them and to reach out to them.


We are not all as perfect as you! Of course, no one will ever say that to you in the face – but look in the mirror and you will see that you act that way. Everyone appreciates you for your principles and consistency, but sometimes it takes a little spontaneity. You’ll see how fun that can be.


From a wonderful being who brings laughter and life into relationships, you can easily turn into a thoughtful torturer who can silence and annoy others, or simply escape conversations and problems. That is why those closest to you sometimes think that you would easily leave and forget them.

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Pisces, you are such a special and original soul that people cannot believe how lucky they are to have you in their life. It’s great that you give so much effort to people, but it sometimes results in being hurt. Do not retreat and remain silent, punishing only those closest to you. Give people an insight into your thoughts.

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