Instagram Queens Who Can’t Stand Each Other


They are Instagram queens but can’t stand each other.

They are all Instagram queens, but they have a lot of scandals.

The Instagram social network is an indicator of the popularity of many stars. Those with the highest number of followers, reviews, and likes are among the most influential, and many of them are at the top of the list of the most powerful people in the world.

The most powerful, but also the most followed women and Instagram queens are Ariana Grande with 176 million followers, followed by Selena Gomez with 169 million followers.

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Third place on the Instagram queens list goes to Kylie Jenner with 163 million, while her sister Kim Kardashian has 161 million followers. In fifth place is Beyoncé with 141 million followers. Taylor Swift is in sixth place with 127 million followers.

Kanye West released the song “Famous” in February 2016 that mentions Taylor Swift. The lyrics of the song are “I think Taylor and I could still have sex? Why? I made that bitch famous.

Real war broke out between fans of the Kardashian – West family and the blonde singer.

Then the Kardashian posted a recording of a phone conversation between her husband and Taylor. She says she was glad he called her first before the song was released and that she didn’t mind the lyrics.

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During the scandal between them, singer Selena Gomez sided with her colleague Taylor and publicly endorsed her.

At the time, she wrote on Twitter that some celebrities would be better off sending some important messages to their numbers.

Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian have never been friends, but their husbands, have until recently been great friends.

When they saw each other at public events, one could get the impression that Beyoncé was not comfortable in the company of the most famous reality star in the world.

When photographed family-friendly, Kanye and Jay-Z stood side-by-side while Kim and Beyoncé stood by.

If gossip is to be believed in Hollywood, the singer always resides at the other end of Kim’s room because she can’t stand her. Instagram queens, but they can not stand each other…

Kim and her daughter Nort showed up at one event with a squeaky ponytail, which is Ariana’s trademark.

Ariana’s fans accused Kim of copying one of the most famous singers in the world, and while the actors around the controversy arose, they did not advertise.

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When Selena Gomez was dating singer Abel (The Weekend), Kylie tried to date Selena’s boyfriend with her friend Bela Hadid, whom he had been dating before the singer.

Kylie Jenner was then in a relationship with rapper Tyga. The two went out to dinner with Abel, and sources say that Kylie took the opportunity to reunite the singer and her friend.

Selena doesn’t like Kylie after that, and her fans too.

They are so popular, they are all Instagram queens, but they are not friends and never will be…

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