Is Aries the Best Zodiac Sign for Women?


A woman in the sign of Aries feels motherly love towards her man.

Nevertheless, she is very affectionate and does not care if her partner relies on her in everything and that she is the one that needs to push the relationship forward.

In addition to physical contact, it is also very important for her to have a spiritual and intellectual connection.

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Great disadvantage: this woman is often quite masculine, so in some men, she awakes insecurity that, in time, inevitably leads to a breakup. She is impatient, nervous and does not tolerate objection.

She’s easy get into conflicts, and she can be really hardheaded so she won’t admit her faults.

As for erotic life, she is prone to all sexual perversions. She asks a man to do just what she wants and she rarely cares about his pleasure.

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Also, she prefers a clitoral orgasm and is very prone to oral sex. She considers herself a sexually open person.

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