Is it Possible That Such a Man Exists? What Keanu Reeves Has Done in Secret For Years Has Been Revealed!


No one can believe it…

When it comes to Keanu Reeves, he is known as one of the most humble and beloved movie stars in Hollywood, but most people don’t know the details of his private life, nor his character.

The actor best known for his roles in The Matrix trilogy is not the type of person who boasts of success and fame. So it’s not surprising when it was revealed earlier this year that the Hollywood superstar has secretly funded a number of children’s hospitals.

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He didn’t have an easy childhood, but that didn’t stop him from becoming a kind and humane person.

When Keanu was three, his father abandoned him and later ended up in prison for heroin trafficking. Growing up without a father has always been a painful topic for him, and he last saw him when he was 13 years old.

During his childhood, he lived in various places, from Sidney, across New York to Toronto, and had several stepfathers.

A little later, Keanu experienced two major tragedies. His long-term partner, Jennifer Simon, gave birth in 2001, but the baby was born dead. A few weeks later, Jennifer died in a horrific accident at the age of 29.

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In the early 1990s, his younger sister Kim was diagnosed with leukemia and struggled with it for a decade until remission occurred. Keanu was her primary caretaker.

During Kim’s battle with cancer, he gave donations to several anti-cancer institutions and then founded his foundation in Kim’s honor, but his name is not associated with the foundation.

His private foundation has been providing funding for cancer research, providing support to children’s hospitals. The interesting thing is that he never tried to take credit for any of the things he did, so no one even knew about his actions.

In 2009, Keanu told the Ladies Home Journal that for 5-6 years he had a private foundation that helps cancer research but also helps a few children’s hospitals. He also said that he did not like to tie his name to the foundation and that he should just let the foundation do what it needed to do.

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In 2008, he signed up to participate in a humanitarian television show called “Stand Up to Cancer”. He then offered to be an ice hockey goalkeeper who aimed to support SCORE, which was established to support players who suffered from spinal injuries.

Those who have had the opportunity to work for or with him praise his sincerity, generosity, and kindness. One of them is a user on a website that serves to exchange opinions and advice, where he wrote:

“Every day, during the last few weeks of filming, Keanu took the support workers (myself included) to free breakfast and lunch. It is very enjoyable to work with him. Since then, I have worked on over 30 different sets and have never met someone as kind and generous as he has ever been.”

When he was filming the second part of The Matrix, he rewarded each member of a team that worked on special effects in one scene.

He gave millions of his earnings to the team that worked on the recording of the Matrix trilogy. There are some estimates that he gave between $ 75 million and $ 100 million to the people that worked behind the scenes.

Despite being a big Hollywood star and a millionaire, Keanu did not forget his beginnings. Back in 1997, the paparazzi caught him sitting with a homeless man on the LA street and sharing food and drinks with him.

He is also known for riding the subway, and footage filmed by one man on the subway shows a famous actor getting up to give one woman his seat.

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