Istanbul’s Most Famous Cat Received a Bronze Statue


Cat Tombili became the mascot of Turkish streets, due to his relaxed style.

The memory of this cat is permanently-preserved in the form of a statue placed in his favorite place.

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The cat named Tombili, was very famous on the streets of Istanbul. People didn’t know if he had his own home, but the humorous and boisterous cat received plenty of attention and food from humans.

His popularity spread beyond Turkey’s borders after his image was shared online. Due to his characteristic lying pose, he became the embodiment of a relaxed cat.

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Many people have left notes on his favorite bench after his death. There were different messages: “You will live in our hearts. The mascot of our streets, beloved Tombili lost his fight for life after a month and closed his eyes on August 1st. ”

A petition was soon launched to build a bronze statue so that his spirit could continue to lash out at his favorite spot in Istanbul.

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The statue was unveiled to the public – for all those who called it their friend and pet, as well as for other curious cat lovers so that they could pay their respects to a cat who knew how to enjoy the little things in life.

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