It’s Not Just Youth and Beauty That Matters: Here’s What Men Are Looking for When Choosing a Partner


For decades we have been hearing that men are attracted to beauty and youth. But it seems like things are changing.

Men will be men, many people conclude, but this does not seem to be true. A recent study at Northeastern University found that traits that attract men change with the times.

Namely, as part of the research, the female intellect stood out as a trait more attractive than a pretty face.

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Scientists have found that men in countries that favor gender equality find intelligence in women very attractive. Unlike countries where there is still high inequality.

As explained, this result makes sense, because we live in a time where both partners often have to work for the benefit of the family. From an evolutionary standpoint, the person will find the intelligent partner attractive because in such a person he or she sees someone who will help maintain their financial stability.

So what exactly are men looking for?

One of the leaders of the research team said that “men are looking for partners to help them minimize costs and maximize the benefit to their future lives.”

This change in the world of attraction also has an impact on dating. At dates, people are expected to present themselves as stable individuals with certain accomplishments.

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Research has also shown that the ability to self-discover is more important than a pretty face.

To do this, ask yourself 3 questions.

  1. Who am I? And this is not meant to mean the version of yourself that you represent on social networks, but your true version.
  2. Are my life choices in line with what I want in life?
  3. What changes can I make to align my lifestyle with the vision of the future I have?

With a clearer sense of who we are and where we go in life, we will begin to make decisions. These decisions will make us more attractive and attract people who support and share our vision in our lives.

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Of course, men need to keep in mind that they will have to provide much more than financial security to win a modern, independent woman.

Women want a man who will be by their side and who will overcome life obstacles with them. The game is slowly changing and a lot has become more important than youth and beauty.

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