Keanu Reeves Surprised Us Again: Instead of His Girlfriend, He Brought Her to The Academy Awards


Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves, who is loved by many, came to the Academy Awards with his mother Patricia Taylor, instead of his girlfriend.

Keanu was definitely awarded the “Best Son” of the Year award last night. The star of “The Matrix” movies often makes everyone on social media emotional with his actions. People often spend days talking about Keanu’s good deeds and noble words.

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Reeves and Taylor posed on the red carpet last night, and the actor stopped to give an interview.

He is so sweet that he came to the show with his mother. I still didn’t get over Reeves from the movie Speed,” one Twitter user commented.

And although he got a lot of sympathy because of this, this move also caused confusion. In the description of their red carpet photo on Getty Images, his mom’s name was replaced with his girlfriend’s name, artist Alexandra Grant, 47.

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Recalling the end of last year, Keanu walked the red carpet for the first time in 35 years with his girlfriend who even then, because of her gray hair, was mistaken for much older actress Helen Miren and now for his mom.

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