Kylie Joked About Her Sister Kim’s Account: Imitating Her Legendary Pool Scene


To get her time in isolation as fast as possible, Kylie decided to have fun by imitating her sisters.

The world’s youngest billionaire Kylie Jenner decided to have some fun, so she joked at the expense of her older sister Kim Kardashian, imitating her on the currently semi-polar TikTok.

In order to pass her time as quickly and easily as possible in isolation, in which she, like the rest of the world, is infected by the virus corona epidemic, Kylie decided to imitate her family members in a funny way.

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Kylie decided to show her talent and mimic her sisters’ most famous statements from their reality program, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and to do her best she had a little help from her best friend.

For starters, she decided to evoke in her style the legendary scene of her sister Kim, who had been crying a few days ago while vacationing in the Maldives because she had lost a diamond earring in the ocean.

Considering she had done the imitation work, her companions did not stop laughing.

“I’m sick of laughing,” “It’s time to show your other side Kylie,” “Oh, you’re great,” they were just praiseworthy.

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In addition to Kim, the young billionaire imitated her sisters Chloe, Courtney and Kendall, as well as mother Kris, some of whom remained immune to Kyle’s joke.

“An icon (talking about myself),” Courtney commented.

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