Large-scale Scandal Breaks Out: Queen Found Out About Harry’s Stepping Back Via Television


The queen and the whole family are deeply disappointed. Friends and other relatives are angry at the rebellious married couple.

Prince Harry, 35, and Meghan Markle, 38, announced yesterday that they are retiring from royal duties, and they made this decision without the knowledge of Queen Elizabeth, 93, Prince Charles, 71, and Prince William, 37.

The family found out about their decision via television news, according to the Daily Mail.

A source from the royal court said the queen and the whole family are deeply disappointed, and friends and other relatives are angry at the rebellious married couple.

“Discussions with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are at an early stage. We understand their desire, but these are complicated issues that will take time,” Buckingham Palace said in a statement.

“The family allowed them the wedding they wanted, the house they wanted, the offices they wanted, the money, the staff, the trips. What else do they need?”

Harry and Meghan want to be financially independent and plan to make money on their own, which they are currently being denied. They will relinquish the money they receive from the Queen, but they can still take the money from Prince Charles. When it all comes together, Harry has an income of around £ 34m a year from the royal family and from the estate of his late mother, Princess Diana.

They will keep their home in the UK as their base, and they will be left with police protection. They want to balance their time between the UK and North America while continuing to honor their duty to the Queen. Among other things, the couple does not yet know how they will make money.

Their life was idyllic in front of the cameras: Prince Harry just did not go crazy, ask Meghan to start psychotherapy until it’s too late!

The royal couple traveled to Canada for the holidays, staying as long as six weeks, and now they surprised the public with the news of moving there. Meghan and Harry would move to Toronto, where they spent five months in secret before publicizing the affair. Also, the Duchess was born and raised in California, and she always referred to Canada as her “second home”. She recorded seven TV series there, and among other things, if they moved to Canada, Megan could return to acting.

Rumors about the royal couple’s retreat began as early as Christmas while they were on holiday. According to custom, on December 25th, the Queen had a speech surrounded by photographs of her family members. However, there were no Meghan and Harry in those photos.

Also, a holiday portrait of the Queen with her male heirs was released, from which Prince Harry and his son Archie were excluded.

Meghan and Harry have said before that their married life in the royal court is stressful and that they want more freedom. On one occasion, in a big interview with ITV, they spoke about their personal lives. Although many people think that their flowers are blooming, the couple admits that they face great challenges.

“I want to feel happy. I tried to be cold, adjust, but it’s impossible. I don’t think anyone in the world understands me. When I started dating him, my friends in America were delighted. But my British friends…I’ve said it before, I’ve been advised to give up everything, that tabloids will ruin my life. Living this way is not easy, and keeping everything inside can be devastating,” Megan once said.

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It’s not been 20 months since Meghan and Harry’s wedding. Their wedding was “Britain’s love letter to the world”, from the blue sky over a fairytale castle, choir, and carriage that rode through the streets full of fans.

“Prince Harry has changed completely since he met Meghan,” says royal experts. They are convinced that Meghan is behind the decision to retire from royal duties and that she practically forced her husband to do so.

“She is the one who wanted to live again in Canada and California, where she feels happy. She wants to remove her son Archie from Buckingham Palace’s restrictive and intrusive policies,” experts say.

It is also rumored that Megan is the main cause of conflict between Harry and his older brother Prince William.

“The relationship between the brothers has been strained since Harry met Meghan, but things got worse after they got married. Harry and Meghan didn’t spend much time with Will and Kate, and the women didn’t get along at all. William and Kate are more formal and agreeable with the royal protocol, and Harry and Meghan are completely opposite. They have nothing in common, “said a royal source.

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As the relationship between Harry and the family got colder, the prince eventually stopped even hanging out with his longtime friends and became more closed off.

“No one can blame Harry for wanting to protect his wife, who really has a hard time with the British media. Harry really loves her and wants her to be happy and safe, and more importantly, wants her not to suffer like his mother Diana,” experts say.

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