Dr. Mati from Taiwan: Teach your body to expel poison by itself. This is the only way to lose weight without a diet!


If you want to lose weight and have clear skin, you need to train your body to properly dispose of waste (sweat, urine, and stool), advised a well-known Taiwanese specialist.

You can take care of your body, health, and figure as much as you like, but your body will not become ideal if it contains unnecessary things. We’re talking about waste in your body. Therefore, detoxification (various methods of cleansing the body) is becoming increasingly popular in the world.

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A good detox program should be gentle but effective. A good detox is based on good habits.

Dr. Mati is a Taiwanese specialist in healthy living and is very popular for his method of “Thin legs and flat stomach from Mati”.

He has fans all over the world who have lost weight thanks to his method and gained better living conditions.

Dr. Mati writes: “If you want to have clear skin and a lean body, you need to train your body to throw away waste (sweat, urine, and stool).”

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The accumulation of this waste is manifested by poor digestion, dry skin and hair loss. An important factor in health and beauty depends on how toxins can be extracted and released from the body.

True cleansing of the body occurs only when waste is removed from the body.

  • Morning habit

When you wake up, do not get up immediately. Wear socks first, before lowering your feet to the floor. Socks do not heat the feet but keep them warm. Even in the hottest weather, this method works to stimulate natural metabolism and proper blood flow, removing edema from the extremities. It is important that your ankles and feet are never cold.

  • Pre-dinner habits

Drink a glass of purified water that is the same temperature as your body temperature.

Your waist will be thicker if you drink too hot or too cold drinks. And a fluid that is about the same temperature as your body will help you eliminate toxins from your body.

A glass of water before a meal will reduce the amount of food you intake and cause satiety.

It is also very important to drink water while standing straight, as it will get to your stomach faster.

  • Eating habits

Saliva is very important. It encourages faster digestion of food. Today’s man has a lack of saliva because he eats processed foods that do not cause saliva to be excreted.

To speed up saliva excretion, rinse your tongue heavily for 60 seconds before eating. The spit will come on its own, which means that your body will immediately begin the process of digesting food.

  • Fruit habits

Dr. Mati notes that the time when you eat fruit is very important. He advises that if you do not have stomach problems, eat the fruit in the morning on an empty stomach because only then will the body take all the vitamins needed.

When you eat fruit after eating, for example, in the afternoon or evening, the digestion process takes longer.

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