Love Astrological Profile: How Sagittarius Loves And How to Love Sagittarius


She’s attractive, fun, and doesn’t like routine … How do you love a person born in a Sagittarius zodiac sign?

People born in this sign are characterized by their very open and extraverted style of expression. They act very boldly, challenging, courageous and honest. Then, Sagittarius are very temperamental, free-spirited, direct, and eloquent when addressing.

They are known to possess tremendous energy, confidence and willingness to take a big risk or challenge. In that sense, if they care about achieving a “big goal,” then there is no obstacle on their path to the goal or personal satisfaction. After all, have you ever thought why saying “being a single Sagittarius”? The answer is very simple – it is an association of their free-spiritedness, independence, adventurism, and expressive courage.

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Due to their temperamental and passionate nature, Sagittarius are impatient and their reactions are very sudden and often immoderate. A love affair with a person in the sign of Sagittarius usually flows like a love whirlpool because everything happens very fast and in one breath. Their features respond to the main character in the story: “Love to the Last Breath.” So they respond at the very first moment and express their sympathy or dislike directly.

Don’t forget that they are very honest, but when expressing their honesty, they often forget about the “decent” boundary. Fully justified, you may find that they sometimes lack the measure or style in what they express, in their comments or in the messages they send you.

Of course, the Sagittarius lacks a note of diplomacy, tactic, or moderation. But if you want a sincere and truthful partner, you must be prepared for emotional harm and grief.

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In this regard, there is a story that well illustrates their character, mood, and behavior. The story is about a man asking his close friend, Sagittarius: Why is it that you so often have broken relationships? And the Sagittarius replies, “Because I speak the truth and only the truth, the way I really think and feel.”

So the point is that an overdose of truth sometimes represents the uglier, more painful and difficult part of reality. Of course, in dealing with the truth, one doesn’t have the strength to bear the burden and then the love affair is broken.

Imagine a situation when your beloved Sagittarius directly hits the truth in an “I don’t like you” face; “I’m very attracted to someone else and I really like him.” You can be sure that Sagittarius will insist on truth and fair play rules, especially when it is tied with great emotions to someone.

Otherwise, their look, style of dressing and appearance make a noticeable impression on the environment, because they seem very challenging, attractive and a bit provocative. Furthermore, they don’t attach particular importance to conventional behavior and the rules imposed.

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When they like someone, they express their sympathies very openly and react very stormy, in the heat of passion. Rest assured that adventure, love affair, romance, or living together with Sagittarius flows in a very interesting, exciting and dynamically unpredictable way. You can never be bored, and how cheerful, fun, or enjoyable you are is depending on your ability to adapt.

How to court a person born in Sagittarius

At the first meeting and at first glance very honest, open and direct. They are attracted to challenge, charm, adventure, and uncertainty.

If your approach is original and at the same time you act witty and inventive, then this is a good shot! Sagittarius love different types of fun and enjoy having a person with similar affinities. However, don’t be naive and don’t forget that in the end, they bring the final word, especially when it comes to male Sagittarius.

What does your partner must know about you?

One of the basic rules is: Love is never about slavery and restraint, but freedom. In that sense, you should go beyond some strictly traditional, conventional, and patriarchal rules and principles that, in parallel, suffocate your and his need for free choice.

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Sagittarius doesn’t like anything that is usual, steady or stale, that is a repetition of some imposed rules. After all, what’s the phrase in a love story? Or why do you think your love story should resemble other love stories? Don’t forget that Sagittarius simply enjoys a variety of games, challenges or good fun as well as a competitive atmosphere. Sagittarius is a very fair player, but he only plays for the taste of victory, self-proving, and personal satisfaction.

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