Love Between The Same Zodiac Signs


Some zodiac signs may find the same language with the opposite sex of the same sign, while others may not agree on the simplest things with them.

A love affair with the same zodiac sign can be complicated because at times the other person will be like a mirror to all your virtues and flaws. Look for your sign and find out how good it is for you to be in a relationship with the same zodiac.

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This can be a burdensome combination. You are both “hotheads,” you want everything to be yours, and when something goes wrong, you like to blame others. On the other hand, the two rams complement each other’s passions and have a great time together. Fair play is the key to the success of the relationship between the two members of this sign, although there will always be “fights” between them. Your motto should be “Never go to bed angry.”


Taurus is stubborn, always focused on what he wants. If you are focused on the same, great! If you are not, and you want the relationship to succeed, you should both expand your horizons, which would not be easy for either of you. The main problem is that you are both passionate about your ideas and opinions, so if one of you is conservative and the other is liberal, you are in big trouble. Only sports and sensual fun can keep you together.


Gemini are never bored when they are together. In fact, it may be about too much unpredictability that exists between them. One of the two will need to be “stable” in the relationship and take care of the home, and unless that happens soon, the chances are low that you will stay together long enough for deep emotions to develop. On the other hand, the positive side of this kind of relationship is that you can talk about everything together and enjoy your social life.

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This is one of the best combinations when it comes to connections between the same Zodiacs. You both love to nurture each other and pamper yourself at home. But the biggest flaw in a two Cancer love relationship is that when you learn to tolerate the partners changing moods and not take them personally, your “motherly” tendency that you both have can ruin your sex life.


The love between the two Leos is a pretty volatile combination. Leo loves a lot of attention, and when he doesn’t get it, he is able to get angry, so the other side must cheer him up and make him feel special. If your partner is also a Leo, he has all of these qualities just like you, so it can happen that none of you will yield. The passion between you is great, which is great when it comes to sex, but be careful not to say anything wrong in the swirl of passion that can do fatal damage to your relationship. Mutual respect is the key to keeping the relationship between these two alive.

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If you are both committed to higher goals – caring for the sick or serving, this can be a divine combination. Just don’t try to prove yourself to your other half or criticize their behavior, as it will destroy your passion. Too much analysis can completely shut down a relationship. Plant plants or practice yoga together – so you get the best out of each other.


This can be a loving relationship because you are both committed to satisfying your partner and maintaining balance and fairness in the relationship. However, the danger lies in staying too superficial: you project a beautiful image of a perfect love while your resentment remains below the surface. You will need to deepen the connection a bit to take advantage of the full potential it holds.


Passion, danger, intrigue … Two Scorpions have it all! Maybe too much. Trust is key to keep the relationship between the two Scorpions alive. If one or both partners have a penchant for jealousy or doubt, get ready for a crazy ride! In this combination, it is most important that you share your deepest feelings with each other, but you do not need to fill your partner’s head with it every day.

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Here’s one fun combination. Together you do what your heart desires. Your strong beliefs can lead to spiritual discussions, but you both accept the other party’s opinion. The real problems arise when one of you wants to commit and the other loves his freedom. A spiritual connection holds you together.


You may not think this is a good romantic combination since you’re both tough realists. Your practical nature allows you to appreciate the other person’s nature, but without illusions. In a relationship like this, you can be who you really are, just don’t let your ambitions or need for status take priority over nurturing family life.


Aquarius is characterized by open-mindedness and tolerance, and even enjoying someone else’s eccentricity. Two Aquarius’s easily become best friends, but in an emotional field, this match is not ideal. Characters of this sign can be shy when it comes to acknowledging feelings as well as moving on to serious relationships. In order to maintain your passion, you will need to leave your comfort zone and try something new.

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Pisces is an eternal dreamer, which in the love mix works for you and against you. You can both float endlessly around your fantasy, but never lower your anchor into safe reality. Persons born in this sign belong to people who “wear pink glasses all the time,” which actually means that your other half “can’t do anything wrong,” which is good unless that person has a serious problem. You need to find a third party to handle the finances.

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