Love Story of the Most Famous Gay Couple in Hollywood: How Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi Crashed Prejudices


They fell in love at the time when such recognition was a great risk to an acting career, and despite this, their love is still strong after a decade.

Their love story is quite different from other Hollywood love stories, but that doesn’t mean it’s less valuable.

For ten years now, since the Supreme Court in Los Angeles has reversed the ban on sexual relations for same-sex marriage, hostess Ellen DeGeneres and actress Portia De Rossi are defying everyone who believes that they have no right to love.

“Since I met Ellen, my life has changed completely. Before, I thought that being strong means being independent in a way that you don’t need anyone in your life. But she taught me that the more vulnerable you are, the more you allow people to get closer to you and to see who and what you really are in. You can be happier then, and you can value other people even more.

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“Ellen has completely changed my view of life, because of her, I’m thinking less and less what others think of me. She taught me that I don’t have to act and pretend to be someone else, what is really the greatest gift anyone could give me. “

With these words, actress Portia De Rossi, in the best possible way, described her relationship and marriage with one of the most famous talk show hosts, Ellen DeGeneres.

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Two of them destroyed all prejudices, both in Hollywood and around the world, guided by the fact that it is only important that you are happy with someone, whether you are the same sex or not, and today they are one of the most famous gay couple.

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Their love affair started after a fatal encounter at the VH1 Big Awards, on December 1st. First date didn’t end with a romantic dinner or party, but in a car ride, where they were better acquainted after a conversation. Shortly after, they started to live together in their dream home.

They announced their relationship in 2008 in the popular Ellen show. This episode was broadcasted immediately after the Supreme Court annulled the ban on homosexual couples. In the same year, they got married at an intimate ceremony at their home, but before that, Ellen DeGeneres arranged a wedding to surprise Portia.

Both of them celebrate their birthday at the end of January, and their intention was to have a joint celebration, and also Ellen wanted to have a wedding at that time.

However, this failed, so the ceremony was held with only 19 witnesses at their home on August 16th, 2008. Although everything was organized in secret, the media learned about the ceremony, and the paparazzi persisted to photograph them in front of their house.

Marriage was important for both of them, the famous manager best explained why that is so – Anyone who is in a marriage knows there is a difference between being married and being in a relationship. “There is some sort of security, it’s a strong point, and they will be with each other for the rest of their lives – and I’m sure of that. Marriage is not something they took for granted. They are grateful for the love they have found, because not everyone is fortunate to find such a thing – said the manager.”

Both of them had a difficult childhood – Ellen was sexually abused by her stepfather, and after speaking about it, she became a victim of bullying, which led to depression. On the other hand, fifteen years younger Portia de Rosi struggled with nutrition disorders.

This year, they celebrated 10 years of marriage. On this occasion, Portia de Rosi also discovered that they realized their marriage was successful and that they were recognized by the public, when rumors about their divorce were launched. “We didn’t break up. We don’t argue, on the contrary, we are madly in love. The gossip about the divorce was a bit overwhelming, but it also changed the perception. I’m not kidding, I know it sounds weird and funny, but when it started, I became aware that we were finally accepted. We had become like all the other famous couples. ”

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