Love Triangle Fell Apart Because of The Tragedy: Her Lover Killed The Other One!


Natalie Strickland was married when she became involved in a love affair with two other men. The love triangle lasted until one of her lovers killed the other one.

“One was passionate and physical attraction, the other was friendship and fun,” she said.

However, the affair ended when one of her lovers was killed. Natalie had an affair with Alan Maidment, 40, and Tom Jones, 47, but at the same time she was on good terms with her husband.

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When Jones attacked Natalie, Maidment killed him and stabbed him several times and then burned his body.

Because of that, in October 2017, Maidment was sentenced to life in prison.

“Actually, I introduced them to one another and I feel guilty. I never planned to be with them at the same time, it just happened. They all lived near to each other and it was amazing that I got away with it. Each of them brought me something different,” she said.

An independent report was released detailing the crime, and Strickland lives with her husband today, although at one point she was arrested for the murder of Tom.

“I am very happy because my husband supported me and I returned to my family. I hope we can overcome this. But Tom’s apartment where he died is across the street, so every time I leave the house I see it. It’s a constant reminder,” she said.

How did it all begin?

When she met Maidment in 2016, she and her husband Paul were separated.

“Paul and I were together for 18 years, mostly happy, but I had a problem with alcohol. We decided to part ways, so I met Alan, at first he was just a friend of mine, but we became close,” she said.

She moved to a nearby home and then began a relationship with Jones. She also attempted to save her marriage at that time.

One day, however, Natalie decided to end her relationship with Alan. She also agreed with her husband that they would be divorced formally.

Natalie decided to stay with Tom, who beat her up in March 2017 after a fight.

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“That was a big shock. Tom has never hurt me before. He was arrested and I was transferred to the hospital. For me, that was the end,” she said.

The next day, Natalie was arrested for Tom’s murder.

Still, it was Alan Mayment’s fault. He later confessed the murder.

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