Mae Ya Waterfalls – The Wild Beauty of Thailand


Doi Inthanon is one of the most beautiful national parks in Thailand and is famous for its numerous waterfalls, walking paths, authentic villages, spectacular views, and a birdwatching destination.

Known as the “Roof of Thailand”, it is located in the northern province of Chang Mai and covers an area of 482km². It is part of the Himalayan mountain massif and the altitude in the park ranges from 800 to 2,565 meters. Here is the highest peak in Thailand, the weather is fresh throughout the year and the percentage of humidity is high. It is about two hours away from Chiang Mai city.

In this unique park, there is one of the most beautiful, but not the most popular land attractions, the Mae Ya Falls.

The reason for the small visit lies in the fact that there are not many other attractions nearby, but in this isolation is the beauty of Mae Ya. Waterfalls are about 260 meters high and have as many as 30 “floors” or cascades, so swimming here is a very special experience, and a great destination for fishermen.

Waterfalls are surrounded by lush greenery, so if you ask permission from the authorities in the park, you can also camp in the forest, and the most important rule you need to respect is to collect all your waste and take it with you. Entrance to foreigners is charged 300 baht for adults, 150 for children, and it is possible to schedule guided tours.

Despite its wild charm and the preserved natural environment of the waterfall, visitors are provided with parking, and on-site there are toilets and restaurants.

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