Magic Aegina: Greek Paradise that Hasn’t Been Destroyed by Mass Tourism!


The right place to rest your body and soul…

At about 26 kilometers (15 miles) from Athens lies Aegina, one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, which is still almost untouched and unspoiled by mass tourism. A paradise for lovers of history, the beauty of the Aegean sea, nature, a truly relaxing holiday!

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Let’s start from nature and the beautiful sea – you will fall in love with the Aegina beach at first glance! They are all sandy, there are no crowds and loud cafes. You will enjoy the straw parasols and soft sand beneath the towel, while the warm Greek sun caresses your skin.

The most famous are four beaches – Perdika, Agiya Marina, Marathon, and Suvala.

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Except for the beautiful beaches, Aegina is a place that nurtures a rich history. The temple of Achaea, the Paleohora and the Colonna archaeological site are some of the places you should not miss if you have the opportunity to visit this magical island.

One of the most visited places on the island of Aegina is certainly the Church of St. Nectarius. Saint Nectarius Aegina is one of the most famous saints in the Greek Orthodox Church.

If you choose September for your trip, you will have the opportunity to enjoy visiting the traditional Fistika Festival.

This event lasts for four days and is dedicated to the pestle harvesting on the island of Aegina. Fistika Festival offers the enjoyment of diverse food, phenomenal music, dance, and Greek theater.

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