Male Genes Are More Dominant:


Some genes, we can only inherit from the father.

Nature has determined that a child inherits the genes of both mother and father, but certain father’s genes are inevitable since they play a large role in determining the fate of children.

What intellectual and physical characteristics daughters and sons inherit from the father?

Is it possible to predict what characteristics will a child inherit, and what will their IQ be? What percentage of the gene will a child inherit from the mother, and what percentage will it inherit from the father?

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Scientists say that it is not possible to say with absolute certainty, but that it is possible to predict to some extent what characteristics a child will inherit. They also claim that some genes can be inherited exclusively from fathers because the male genes are more dominant.

Genetic characteristics and qualities that children inherit solely from their fathers:

Heart problems

Specialists from the University of London have come to the following conclusion in their research. Men with coronary artery problems, poor oxygen delivery to the heart, can transmit this problem to their child, and mainly to their sons. The likelihood that sons will inherit both problems is greater than 50%.

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Mental disorders

Among the mental illnesses transmitted from men to children are schizophrenia and hyperactivity, a disorder of attention deficit. The older the father, the greater the risk that his children inherit these problems because, with age, people’s DNA mutates.

Tooth quality

The father’s genes are responsible for the configuration of teeth and jaws in children. If a man has bad teeth, this gene is likely to be passed on to children.

Fertility problems

Scientists say low sperm quality can be a genetic problem. If the father has difficulty conceiving a child, the same problems are likely to be inherited by the child to some extent.

Eye color

The genes of a man are more dominant than the genes of a woman, so the most common cause is that a child will inherit the eye color and most of the other features of his father.

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How tall a child will depend largely on the height of the father.

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