Man Deliberately Spread Coronavirus: Went to Cafes and Coughed on People – Mass Quarantine Ensued


The entire planet is extremely concerned. People are in a serious state of panic, and all of that is because of the expansion of the coronavirus.

Some countries such as Italy are already taking some really drastic measures. Yesterday they have put the whole country in isolation.

Although many people take the problem of coronavirus extremely seriously, there are also individuals who use this situation and global fear for their sick ideas.

These Charts Show How The Coronavirus Is Spreading Across The US

One man in Gamagōri, a Japanese town, after discovering that he has a coronavirus, decided to spread it to his fellow citizens. Although he didn’t have all the symptoms he was tested because both his parents had recently been infected. The test was eventually positive.

He was advised not to leave the house or find accommodation in a well-equipped health facility. He actually decided to spread the virus. Before leaving the house he told his parents about his plan, so he went directly to local bars and pubs.

According to local media, he first got into a taxi and drove to one crowded cafe. After that, he walked to another where he ate and drank. In one short moment of sincerity (probably being half-drunk), he admitted that he had a virus. Police and an epidemiologist were contacted immediately. They arrived at the cafe wearing full equipment but they didn’t meet the infected person there. He had returned home by taxi in the meantime.

The next day, he ended up quarantined, two cafes where he was staying were disinfected, and everyone who was present was then tested. The mayor of Gamagōri sent his apology to all citizens and stated that he was very sorry that this infected man didn’t heed his doctor’s advice.

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