Man gets his dead cat cloned for $ 35.000: Now he can play with his beloved pet again!


Chinese man got a genuine copy of his dead cat. Seven months after Huang Yu’s cat Garlik died, she was given another life.

The new Garlik was created by Chinese company Sinogene, based in Beijing, and came into the world on July 21st as the first cloned cat.

Cat Is the Guardian of Your Health

This company has already cloned dogs, which costs about 53,000 US dollars, while the price for a cloned cat is 35,000 US dollars.

Mi Xidong, the CEO of the company, told Frans Press Agency that despite the high prices, not all of their clients are rich.

“In fact, a good portion of the clients are young people who have just graduated in recent years,” he said. “Pet cloning meets the emotional needs of the young generations.”

The Dog Died 15 Minutes After the Owner Passed Away

Huang, 23, was overjoyed to see Garlik’s reincarnation, saying “the similarity of the two cats is over 90 percent.”

“When Garlik died, I was very unhappy,” Huang recounts. “I couldn’t face it because her death was sudden. I blamed myself for not taking her to the vet on time, which led to her death.”

The happy owner said he hoped the new Garlik’s personality would be the same as his old cat’s personality.

Animal cloning is illegal in many countries, but it has been approved in South Korea and the US. For example, singer Barbra Streisand announced last year that she had cloned her dog.

The first successful animal cloning was performed in 1996 and it was the sheep named Dolly, while the first dog was cloned in 2005 in South Korea.

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