Man Photographed The Plane His Girlfriend Was Flying in, And Then he Noticed a Strange Thing


When the plane is flying at high altitude, pressure, and air temperature drop.

While the plane is moving through the clouds, it leaves behind a trail in different shades.

This fantastic moment in the sky was captured by Australian photographer Michael Marston in Brisbane, who regularly posts striking aerial photos and videos on social media.

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Marston has begun taking such photographs three years ago. His partner Tracy is a flight attendant and Marston thought it would be a great idea to take pictures of the planes when his girlfriend was on one of those flights.

He was doing experiments by taking these photos in the daytime and in the nighttime, and really soon he began to observe other aviation phenomena.

“I’ve noticed that planes look pretty nice when moving under certain atmospheric conditions because they are creating a rainbow behind them, along with smoke,” Marston told CNN.

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When the plane is flying at high altitude, pressure, and air temperature drop, that is explained by the experts at the Institute of Atmosphere Physics of the German Aeronautical Center. If there is enough moisture in the air, the fumes behind the aircraft freeze, creating ice crystals.

When these ice crystals are at a certain angle to the sun, they create rainbow colors.

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