Martin Photographed This Beautiful Beach in Australia – Days Later He Discovered a Spicy Detail


The Argentine backpacker Martin Cervantes recently took a picture and later discovered a nice detail. He photographed the world-renowned beach called Bondi Beach in Australia. Later he discovered what he unconsciously photographed, the Daily Mail writes.

It started as an ordinary day for Martin when he took a walk on the beach and took some pictures, as he does more often. He did not think about it anymore.

Martin sent the pictures to friends and family and enjoyed his day in Sydney. Later, however, he received an unexpected message.

It was one of his friends who noticed a small detail on the pictures.

– They were not really special pictures except for the detail where some can be seen on the beach. It seems that the man is asking his girlfriend to marry him at that exact moment, so Martin writes on Facebook.

He continues:

– When I got home, I put the pictures on my computer and discovered the sequence I photographed.

In one of the pictures you can clearly see that the man asks his girlfriend to marry him. We also suspect that the woman said yes because the couple was in each other’s arms on the last picture.

Martin has decided to tell the whole story on Facebook, hoping to meet this couple. He, therefore, asked for people to share his story on Facebook to increase the chance of a meeting. And he succeeded, he later wrote on Facebook that he found the couple.

– Thanks to all the people who shared the photos! We found the couple and they were very happy to see the pictures, Martin wrote on his Facebook page.

We are happy that the photographer has founds them through social media. He was really the right man in the right place! Share the article if you agree!

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