Meet The Bad Sides Of The Infamous Capricorn


Infamous Capricorn has negative traits, who, with pessimism and materialism shows the really bad side.

Capricorns have stronger radars for environmental negativity and better perceive distress that occurs. Loaded with unfavorable information about the future, they can hardly be relaxed and cheerful, although they sometimes try.

Capricorns are generally hard and rigid. They are convinced that their views are correct and rarely allow the possibility of anyone else knowing more than them. They are indulgent about topics that they are not interested in, but they have strong views on others.

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Money and other property are the first for Capricorn for most of life. Avoiding poverty and dependency on others is a sacred goal for them. Although this zodiac sign is far less interested in luxury than security, their materialism often goes into greed.

Focusing on yourself
When evaluating a situation or circumstance, Capricorn immediately calculates how it will affect them, whether it will bring them good or not. Other people’s fates only interest them to the extent that they affect them.

Capricorn is willing to help only if it does not jeopardize their (mainly) financial interests. If they find that helping others is too expensive, they would rather leave them alone than sacrificing themselves.

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Although Capricorn is able to communicate politely, it has long maintained an official distance with most people. They find it difficult to open up and feel uncomfortable when questioned by someone about their private lives. Some Capricorns, therefore, seem very cold and inaccessible.

Tendency to tyranny
A Capricorn who is convinced that he or she is competent in a particular field treats those who are suspicious or opposed to him very rough. Capricorn tends to impose will on even those whom he is not formally superior to. If Capricorn is in a boss position, she often abuses her powers.

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Capricorns, what do you think?

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