Meghan Markle Loses Dispute Against British Press: She Will Have To Pay Them £ 50,000


The judge dismissed most of the allegations and evidence offered by the former Duchess as unfounded.

Former British Duchess Meghan Markle is apparently losing the dispute she has filed against the British press.

Specifically, Prince Harry’s wife is suing the Associated Newspapers, which owns Mail on Sunday and MailOnline, for publishing a 2019 letter to her father, Thomas Markle.

She claimed that the press had violated her privacy, violated copyright and data protection law.

Their life was idyllic in front of the cameras: Prince Harry just did not go crazy, ask Meghan to start psychotherapy until it’s too late!

Although she hoped for high compensation, the judge dismissed most of her allegations as irrelevant and unfounded. Among the rejected charges is one in which Meghan Markle claimed that the reporters had acted dishonestly on her. And also they caused a rift between her and her father, Thomas, all to “cast a negative light on her personality,” the Daily Mail writes.

The trial has not yet been formally concluded, but the court has already announced that the evidence of the journalist’s “unfair attitude towards Meghan Markle” will not be taken into account. It is evident that Meghan Markle will lose the dispute.

The Secret Conversation of Meghan Markle is Revealed

The Associated Newspapers, which originally offered Meghan and Harry an out-of-court settlement, will now require the former royal couple to pay more than £ 50,000 in court costs.

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