Meghan Markle’s Double Looks so Much Like Her! Everyone Thinks They Were Separated at the Maternity Ward


Stewardess Christine Mathis, 32, looks so much like Duchess Meghan Markle that many wouldn’t even be able to see the difference at first sight.

In fact, many travelers have asked her why she is doing this job if she has already married a prince, but they aren’t the only ones. The similarity is so great that even the doctor she goes to is confused …

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Christine Mathis, a stewardess of the US airline JetBlue, says that people started comparing her with Meghan Markle in 2011 when the actress appeared in the popular TV drama “Suits.” However, after the actress married Prince Harry, Christine was getting compared even more with the Duchess of Sussex.

She says security at the airports every day thinks she’s Meghan and they don’t believe her until after she shows her passport.

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Passengers on an airplane often can’t believe how much Meghan and Christine look like. In the middle of the flight, they tend to often ask her whether they are doubles.

Travelers tell me I look like her. They often ask me questions like, “You’re married to a prince. Why do you work as a flight attendant?” – Christine explains.

Their life was idyllic in front of the cameras: Prince Harry just did not go crazy, ask Meghan to start psychotherapy until it’s too late!

Christine hopes to earn on the aforementioned resemblance. She has already participated in the photo shootings and recordings where she imitated the Duchess of Sussex.

Her dream is to one day play Meghan Markle on the big screen, she told British media.

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