Meghan Publicly Complained to Her Friends: They’re Not Making It Easy for Us!


She felt she was among her own, so she started to complain

The long-awaited joint public appearance of Meghan and Harry, after the birth of their son Archie, occurred on the promotion of Lion King the movie.

Meghan has been tracking a bad reputation for some time for two reasons: the first is a secret baptism of her son without stating who is the godfather and the other is her appearance at Wimbledon, where she explicitly banned her fans from taking her photos.

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The media have already described her as a compelling and very difficult person to work with. During her appearance on the red carpet accompanied by Prince Harry, Meghan first met Beyoncé and the liking between these two divas was quite visible. Beyoncé addressed her “My Princess!”

However, Meghan probably felt that she was among people that understood her, so when she let her guard down she admitted to singer Pharrell Williams that it was not easy for her to marry Prince Harry.

Pharrell said: “I’m so happy about your marriage, love is wonderful, it’s fantastic, never take it for granted, because that marriage means so much today, I just wanted to tell you how important your marriage is for many of us. Seriously. “

“Oh, thank you very much. That’s so nice,” Meghan said.

“I mean it for real. It means a lot to us, we’re cheering for you …”

“Thanks. They do not make it easy for us,” Meghan said.

“Then you understand the importance of your marriage,” said Pharrell .

The media remained unclear what Meghan wanted to say with that sentence that “they did not make it easy”? But it seems that love is strong enough to overcome all obstacles.

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