Men, This is The Real Truth Why Women Cheat on You And is Not What You Expect


The real truth was told by blogger and writer Nadia Bokody.

If you’re a married man and you’re reading this, there’s a good chance your wife is cheating on you. The real reason is not what you’d expect.

The latest research about cheating found that as many as 15 percents of married women cheat on their husbands.

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Nadia Bokody says the real number is, in her opinion, much higher than that. Although, it is still difficult for us to “digest” that women cheat.

The last time I talked about my infidelities, I also received death threats, so I had to shut down accounts on social networks.

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The truth is, the number of women who cheat has increased over time and has almost equaled that of men.

Recent research still shows that men today almost fail to feel when their woman is cheating. That is because they are guided by the saying that women do not seek sex like men when they already have a safe environment.

What many men do not realize is that women enjoy and want sex just like men, if not more. As many as 59 percents of women in one study admitted that they would like more sex than they currently have.

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As long as men condone female sexuality and do not understand it, there will be cheating.

-,, My advice to men is to strive to maintain a certain level of sexual connection with a woman and to always find new ways to make her attractive and loved. If you do not do this, chances are that someone else will, Nadia advises.

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