Mental Disorders That Will Get You Sooner or Later


Scorpio and Cancer will become closed off more than others.

Taurus is most prone to developing obsessive-compulsive disorders, and Virgo is prone to a borderline personality disorder.

What is your possible personality disorder and why does it occur?


Aries is the most aggressive sign and is prone to explosive outbursts. If he is ever going to suffer from a personality disorder, it will be an intermittent explosive disorder. It is characterized by strong outbursts of anger that do not fit the situation at all.

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The biggest flaw of this sign is stubbornness. They have their own way and if you start discussing how things should be done with them, it can take hours. Until he assures you he is right. They are at the highest risk of developing the obsessive-compulsive disorder.


They have an addictive personality. Even their sign is in pairs. This means that they do not bear to be alone and have a constant need to feel loved and wanted, and they need to be reassured over and over again. Most possible for them is the development of an addictive personality disorder.


They tend to build walls around them. These people do it because they fear that someone will hurt them, and very often that fear is completely unfounded. People born in this sign are most prone to paranoid personality disorder.


They are naturally proud and often think they are a little better than others. They are most prone to developing a narcissistic personality disorder.

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If you hurt her, she can turn into a very evil, resentful and negative person. They can’t stand being alone and can be very manipulative to keep the people they want around. They are most prone to borderline personality disorder.


They are the worst for themselves. The Libras are by nature extremely kind and polite and very often self-deprecating, thinking that they do not deserve joy, well-being and even love. As a result, self-defeating personality disorder can develop.


Their innate secrecy and mystery make them inclined to build walls around them. But with Scorpio, it can result in avoiding all social situations, conversations generally, and becoming closed off. Despite this, they still want to be close to others. They have the most chance of having an anxiety disorder.


They tend to use their natural charm for their darker needs. Often, what for most is the notion of decency, they understand differently. They can develop antisocial personality disorder.

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Perfectionist disorder is a special form of obsessive-compulsive disorder and usually refers to work ethic. If their work is not perfect, they often start to panic and are prone to anxiety disorders if everything is not “right”.


This super eccentric and creative character often walks the fine line between common sense and madness. When crossed, they often have characteristics of schizotypal personality disorder. This means they have strange beliefs about the way the world works, and sometimes it involves delusions of being able to read someone else’s mind.

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They are very sensitive, and especially to others’ opinions about them. As a result, they often become dependent on others’ attention. When this and their romantic and tender personality is brought together, the development of histrionic personality disorder is possible. This means that they become addicted to attention in the full sense of the word.

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