Michelle Pfeiffer’s happy 25 Years of Marriage: He Was Always by Her Side!


This is the secret of Michelle Pfeiffer‘s happy family and married life.

There is that magic at the beginning of every relationship or marriage, an incredible attraction that fades as time goes on. But in the case of Michelle Pfeiffer and screenwriter David Kelly, love doesn’t fade, even after 25 years. Michelle Pfeiffer’s happy life proves that this is possible.

Michelle Pfeiffer‘s happy love story is quite amazing and it can be the theme for a romantic movie.

After her unsuccessful marriage to an actor Peter Horton in January 1993, Michelle Pfeiffer met David Kelly on a blind date in a bowling alley.

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The wedding took place 10 months after they have met on November 13th, 1993. Even before she met David, the actress began the adoption process, and in March 1993, she became the mother of a newborn girl, Claudia Rose Pfeiffer. In August 1994, the actress gave birth to a son, John Henry Kelly.

“I chose David and I never repented. I believe I was very lucky. Even now, after 25 years since our first date, I don’t take everything for granted,” Michelle told the reporters.

“I admit, I have never met a man who is more honest and decent than my husband. He deserves my total respect for everything he does: for his great mind and sense of attention and tenderness. I am sure that the most important thing is to respect your partner. if you don’t respect him or you are arrogant, your relationship will be doomed. “

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Michelle Pfeiffer says that a happy and strong bond in a relationship is the work of both partners.

“Life is consisted of many choices, and unfortunately, I didn’t always make the right ones. When I met David, I realized that I had finally made the most important and right choice in my life. My husband and I really became friends. We also work really hard on our relationship. Our life values are the same, and we are both very responsible for our work and family. The most important thing, we respect each other. “

How did they manage to still keep their love and passion?

“The secret of marital happiness? That’s not difficult at all!” David laughingly answers. “But the secrets that work for my wife, I will never reveal to anyone! The secret of our happiness? Seriously, I suppose the point is that we genuinely love each other and always hold hands.”

Neither Michelle nor David are perfect, but they are both determined when it comes to one thing: when it’s difficult in life, they rely on each other.

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For example, when Michelle met David, she was in the process of adopting a child. He supported her decision and replaced the baby’s father.

“For example, we first became parents to an adopted child, and then we got married. That didn’t scare my husband, it only strengthened our relationship!”

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