Mother Married Her Daughter’s Ex-Husband Under Very Strange Circumstances


A mother always wants best for her daughter.

That’s why she did want for her to be in a relationship with just anybody. Every boy she dated her mother ignored because she thought they were not good enough for her daughter. She wanted a rich and respected gentleman, and her husband agreed with that.

The father didn’t argue with her daughter about the choice of partner and was willing to accept anyone she fell in love with, but heavyheartedly. However, when her father died, all the power went to his wife. In order to prevent her daughter from choosing someone a wrong person, she planned long ago to choose a decent guy for her daughter.

He was a respectable gentleman, who had everything that was needed, but her daughter did not find love for her future husband. They were forced to marry.

As time passed, she left her husband and could not possibly reconcile. She was very unhappy, and her mother still persuaded her to stay married and even wanted them to have a child. Also, she started building a big house in which they would live.

She hired workers and everything she needed. In the meantime, her daughter fell in love with one of the workers. The mother loved her son-in-law so much that she was always on his side.

Intolerance grew every day and their relationship was getting worse. He heard of his wife’s affair and decided to divorce her. However, her mother did not want her son-in-law to leave home because she was so fond of him.

She ultimately fell in love with him. Daughter stayed in the house and saw her with the man she just divorced.

After a few months, the mother realized that the daughter will soon leave and decided to make the next step and marry her former son-in-law!

He convinced her that he loved her, but he really wanted only he fortune because he had enormous gambling debts. The daughter left the house and married her boyfriend, and her mother remains to live in married to her ex but, unfortunately, very unhappy.

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