Mother Screams In The Bathroom! Listen To Her Confession


Bridgette Anne is a mother who screams and locks in the bathroom! She posted a photo on Facebook captioning the comment: “Everybody thinks it’s easy to be a housewife and just lucky we don’t have to work. We’re lazy and don’t have a real job.” 60,000 people shared the photo and description of the housewife’s life.

“The truth is I’m lonely and overworked. There’s nothing you can do on your own – you can’t go to the bathroom, enjoy a cup of coffee, read, hell, you can’t even be alone because for the third time that day, you wash dirt on your pants, and someone is crying or screaming by your leg. You don’t have time to pause unless they are sleeping and use it for cleaning. You are trying to think of ways to entertain someone 12 hours a day, “the mother and housewife wrote.

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She also added that she lost her personality because of the child because now absolutely everything revolves around him. She also admitted to being jealous when looking at mothers who are employed because she literally fantasizes about talking to an adult without interrupting her.

“Sometimes I lock myself in the bathroom and scream in the towel while crying because it takes me a second to breathe, and then my kid bangs on the door to get in,” Bridgette revealed.

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“I used to condemn housewives, but now I understand them, I became a mother who screams and hides in the bathroom… All those who promised to help you are gone, and you are left alone with a sense of failure. My house is not clean, my clothes are not clean, the dishes are not washed. Today I screamed, cried. and I felt so damned guilty that my child was alone. I’m lonely too. Call other women like me and ask them how they are. They’re not well, “the mother and housewife concluded in a Facebook post.

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