My Friend and I Have Had a Perfect Affair For Years, and Our Spouses Have no Idea


“I don’t want the drama to disturb my family. I want to stay happily married and keep my affair a secret, so I planned every detail.”

“My husband has no doubts, my sisters and best friends have no idea because I manage to hide all the evidence that would indicate that I’m cheating on my husband”, begins the confession of a woman who has been in an affair for nine years.

An anonymous woman shared her reasons and ways to be with another man without anyone finding out about it.

Love and happiness in her twenty-year marriage to Stephen are important to her, but they are also important in her affair with Michael. She does not cite typical excuses such as the breakdown of the marriage, a new relationship, or a turning the new page in life as the reasons for her decision.

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She says that she did not start an affair because she is missing something in her marriage, even though they have daily discussions, she always tried to refresh her marriage. They do a lot of things together as a family, hang out with friends and enjoy various hobbies, and consider the organization crucial for everything they achieve during the day.

At the same time, she keeps a diary of seeing Michael in her head, but she never wrote anything about him. There are no love messages or emails that are not related to work, since they work in the same industry.

“My husband introduced me to Michael, and then the first thought of cheating came up.”

“Stephen was the first to make friends with Michael, he met him at a school event. He couldn’t believe we didn’t know each other and we didn’t meet, so he introduced us soon. He’s completely different from Stephen who is very honest, enthusiastic, and in a good mood. Michael is a dreamer and a creative person with a sharp sense of humor, “the woman says in her confession.

She was quite shaken when she realized that she is attracted to Michael. She considered Stephen to be someone who likes to flatter himself and has never shown jealousy, which has put her interest in her husband aside.

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“This was different. For the first time since we got married, I could imagine having an affair and at first, I was uncomfortable. I started figuring out how to do it without Stephen ever finding out and I almost convinced myself that I’m already dealing with it. After that, there was a party where we got really drunk and it really happened. Michael and I started flirting. I thought life would get back to normal the next day because it was happening in front of Stephen and Jane , but it’s not, “the woman continues.

At first, it was just a conversation. They questioned each other about their feelings towards their spouses, checked if the other had ever been unfaithful, and how they felt about it. Soon, she couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Shocking message and almost getting caught

“One night, Michael sent me an explicit message. I was shocked and sure he was drunk. At that moment, my conscience was almost clear, so I said to Stephen, ‘Look, Michael just sent me a message intended for Jane!’, he thought it was funny, so I replied, ‘Isn’t this for Jane? Stephen says good for her. ‘ Later, Stephen kept teasing him about it,” the wife says.

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After that, Michael justified himself by saying that he noticed that she liked him, which the woman admitted. In the following months, planning and agreeing on how to start the affair followed. They agreed that it was an extension of a strong friendship and that no one would doubt it.

The first intimate relationship happened on a business trip, but it didn’t go as they had hoped, as they were both nervous. Both under the burden of guilt, they had to return to their homes.

Nine-Year Affair

As no one doubted their relationship, they continued to see each other. They meet twice a month, which maintains the magic, but it is also necessary so as not to arouse suspicion.

“We managed to resist the temptation to tell someone. There are no romantic messages, emails, or letters and, since we are in constant contact, there is no terrible panic. It is also a safe way out if Michael wants something more. No evidence. No notes or hotel receipts – everything is paid in cash “, the woman reveals.

She also had to come up with a strategy for Jane, so she decided to see her from time to time, so that everyone would think they had a separate friendship.

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“I love both men. I am not hurting anyone and I have no intention of doing that. Strange, but my biggest concern is what will happen if Michael dies first. I won’t be able to mourn properly, although we are friends I won’t be able to get over the affair. In fact, we assume that when we get older, if our partners die, we will end up together. I intend to be with both of them for the rest of my life, and the only way is to keep everything tidy as before, “the anonymous woman says.

She thinks what would be the reason for others not to do the same as her.

“For most people, love and fidelity is not what holds them together, but the chaos that would ensue if they were revealed. How many people would refuse the affair if they knew that they will never be revealed? You have to be very brave to answer honestly. Before you judge me ask yourself – what prevents you from doing the same? “, the woman concludes.

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