My Mistress Completely Amazed me in Bed. Now I Can no Longer Make Love to my Wife


One American man who wanted to remain anonymous on the internet posed a delicate question.

An amazing woman has entered my life and making love with her is wonderful. After this, I can no longer have an intimate relationship with my wife – the 36-year-old man began his confession.

I am 36 and my wife is 34. We have been together for ten years and have two children, a boy (7) and a girl (9).

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-Because of the nature of my job, I travel around the country and am often away from home. Until now, distance has been a great thing because after coming back from the trip sex with my wife was even better. We were always compatible in bed. Still, the trips that I went to have given me an opportunity to be in touch with other women, which I’m not very proud of.

Like out of the blue, I met the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She is 28 years old and I met her through work. I immediately fell for her. I couldn’t believe that such a girl wanted me.

We immediately hit it off and everything became very intense. After having s*x with my new girlfriend, I no longer have the desire to sleep with my wife. I don’t know if she noticed anything, she probably did, but she still hasn’t told me anything. I’m not ready to let this girl go yet. As soon as I think about her, I want her more and more in my presence. I know that my marriage will soon be in trouble because of this – this man wrote.

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People advised him that if he prolongs the affair with his mistress as much as possible he will get into a bigger problem with his wife.

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Think about what you will lose if you continue this affair- wife, children, family, home … Is sex with a new girl so amazing that it would be more important than anything you could lose- many internet users have asked him.

What would you advise this man to do?

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