Naomi Campbell Turns 50 – These Are All the Secrets of Her Beauty


“Check your lipstick before you come to talk to me,” is the famous statement of supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Although it seems as if she has found the elixir of youth, it is true that Naomi Campbell maintains her beauty with strict discipline and various tricks, which we reveal to you below.

Facial care

Behind Naomi’s flawless skin, as expected, is constant care. She cleans her face and uses exfoliation almost every day.

After wiping the skin with a tonic, she washes her face using liquid soap. Hydration is the most important for her, so she uses all kinds of face masks.

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She uses Biofirm Lift face cream, and also a special preparation for the area around the eyes.

In addition to the cream, she applies vitamin C and rose oil on her face. Lately, she prefers face serums, because she thinks that heavy creams in combination with make-up clog pores.


When you are constantly exposed to the lights of the camera, you have to make sure that you have a make-up that is well applied, so it goes deep into the pores.

That’s why Naomi, whenever she can, doesn’t wear any makeup. In those moments, she prefers to have loose and well-cleansed skin.

And unlike many, Naomi loves when her face looks oilier and brighter. In the evening, without exception, be sure to take off all makeup.

Naomi usually buys beauty products at the Zitomer drugstore.

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She especially likes make-up removers, brushes and brushes for applying make-up, and mini preparations in small travel packages.

She adores transparent kits, which she has in all shapes and sizes.

She uses concealer, loose powder, blush, highlighter, eye shadow, lip gloss and NARS lipstick.

Naomi is a supporter of the fact that the natural structure of the face and bones should always be followed with blush and highlighter.

Diet and exercise

The first thing Naomi does in the morning is to drink warm water with lemon or lime, as well as probiotics.

After that, she drinks two more drinks – one for the immune system and the other with aloe.

As a big fan of detox, she consumes green cucumber, celery, and kale smoothies for breakfast. sHe hasn’t eaten meat for several years and turns to salads, vegetables, and seitan for lunch.

Sometimes she eats dessert but does not drink alcohol or coffee. Naomi prefers herbal teas, such as mint or chamomile.

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According to her mother’s recipe, she consumes hot sauce and chili powder to protect herself from colds.

When taking a shower, Naomi uses only light baby soap, as she does not like extremely fragrant shower gels.

It not only hydrates the face, but also the body. She goes for a body massage three times a week, in order to feel relaxed and recovered.

 Yoga and Pilates are an integral part of her life and at the same time the secret of her perfect physical appearance.

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