On The Pitch of The Football Stadium in Austria, 300 Trees Were Planted


About 300 trees, some weighing up to 6 tonnes, have transformed one football stadium in Austria into a huge art installation.

Tittle of this work of art is “For the Forest – The Endless Attraction of Nature”, by Swiss artist Klaus Litman.

The goal of this art installation was not only to make people think about the environmental problems which are a big threat for humanity (climate change and deforestation in certain parts of the world), but also to ask them about their relationship with nature. Klaus Litman found the inspiration for his unusual work by looking at one drawing, almost 30 years ago.

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It was a drawing of an Austrian artist and architect Max Painter, created in 1971, showing a stadium full of people watching a forest on the pitch. With the help of Enea Landscape Architects, Klaus turned Max’s vision into a reality.

The Verterzee Stadium in Klagenfurt, which can receive 30,000 spectators, today is a home to a forest where many different types of trees can be found, like oaks, birches, white willows, field maples, and white poplars. The stadium doors are open to visitors every day from 10am to 10pm. Admission is free!

Klaus invited people to look at this work of art in the evening, when the stadium floodlights were turned on.

Klaus wants to show everyone, what the future of the nature might look like if we aren’t careful.

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This forest was displaced from it’s natural environment into this stadium, in order to be presented exclusively for human observation, same as animals in a zoo.

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