Once You See These Maps, the World Will No Longer Be the Same for You


The reason why some countries look larger than they are or smaller than they are in reality is due to Mercator’s projection.

The introduction of a planet that has three dimensions on a two-dimensional map was a challenge for early cartographers and geographers, so the Flemish cartographer Gerardus Mercator came up with a solution – in 1569 he drew a map that could be used for navigation. The disadvantage of this was that this solution distorted the true dimensions of countries depending on their position relative to the Equator. That’s why Antarctica and Greenland seem to be much bigger than they are in reality.

Here’s How Our Planet Looked 300 Million Years Ago

To show you how much our understanding of the size of some countries is wrong, go to thetruesize.com site where you can move the surface of countries to different locations, and therefore get a realistic idea of the size of individual countries.

The Most Beautiful Places on Our Planet Earth

Look at some of the most obvious examples:

If we move Russia closer to the Equator, it becomes smaller

Australia is bigger than you think

Brasil is huge

Greenland is not as big as it looks

India is huge

Indonesia in relation to Russia



Canada in South America

California is the same size as the United Kingdom

How big is China compared to Russia

America and Australia are of the same size

Did you expect such a difference?

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