Only One Thing Can Save You if The Elevator Starts to Fall


A thought of getting stuck in an elevator, let alone if an elevator fall, is frightening.

But what to do if it really happens that the elevator really freaks you out and fall?

Scientists and experts have tried to give advice that tells how to behave in case someone finds themselves in this situation.

By no means jump

It can be said that many are already familiar with the well-established recommendation that, if we find ourselves in an elevator that detaches, we should jump in the moment, just before its final encounter with the ground. This would reportedly reduce the pressure that the impact reflects on the body.

However, the question arises: How will we guess the exact moment when the elevator will touch the ground ?, and another: Even if we manage to “catch” that moment in a free fall, we will reduce the speed by only three km / h, which is still not enough to save our own lives, and you could get hurt if you hit your head on the ceiling.

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Never stand up straight

In this case, the blow would be under the pressure of weight, which is 10 times greater than the human body, and which would fall to the feet at the time of the blow.

Lie on the floor

According to the research of scientists from the MIT Center for Biomedical Engineering, in order to increase the chances of surviving the elevator fall, we should lie on the floor, in the middle of the elevator, because the body weight will be evenly distributed and the impact force will be distributed to the body surface. .

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Also, as scientists advise, we should never forget to cover our heads with our hands, because parts of the destroyed elevator will fall on it.

Interesting thing: Have you heard of Betty Lou Oliver’s story?

She worked as an elevator operator at the Empire State Building. Today, he holds the world record in surviving an elevator crash. Namely, this operator fell 79 floors, and what saved her was a cable 304 meters long, which fell before her and mitigated her fall

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