Pamela Anderson Revealed How Much Her Ex-husband Spent on Her


Pamela Anderson claims that she received $ 100,000 from producer John Peters, with whom she was married for 12 days, and denied her ex-husband’s claims that he paid off her debts.

Pamela Anderson ‘s ex-husband Jon Peters claims that he paid off his ex-wife’s debts and bought her new clothes during their 12-day marriage.

The Hollywood producer, 74, admitted that he feels like an ‘old fool’ after paying off his ex-wife’s debts only to get dumped just days later.

Pamela Anderson’s Divorce is the Number One Topic In The World, And This Is The Real Reason For The Divorce.

The former Playboy bunny said that she didn’t need anyone to pay her bills.

“I don’t need anyone to pay my bills. I own a $ 10,000,000 house in Malibu that I have been renting out for almost two year. For the next 3 to 5 years I am going to rent it for $ 40,000 a month. That covers more than my bills and expenses,” she said. Anderson added:

“I have contracts and other jobs. I put that money into my projects. I’m thrilled I have the oportunity to invest in the community. All my savings, all the extra money I earn goes there or at my foundation.”

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