Pamela Anderson’s Divorce is the Number One Topic In The World, And This Is The Real Reason For The Divorce.


Pamela Anderson’s divorce shocked the world, and now you can see why her marriage lasted only 12 days.

Pamela Anderson’s divorce is topic number 1 in the world.

Celebrity breakup! The famous singer splits with her husband! She earns MILLIONS, and now her ex could get HALF OF IT!

Pamela renewed a romance with a director they started 30 years ago, so they got married in Malibu shortly after reheating their passions.

“Pamela has a big heart and loves very quickly. She returned from a trip and Jon told her, ‘I love you, let’s get married.'” She said, “Okay.”, as she tries to spend as much time outside the public world as possible, focusing on humanitarian work, and Pamela felt that Jon was frustrated that she wanted to maintain her financial independence. to get her a role in a movie he worked on, and she didn’t want that, “a source told foreign media.

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In a short statement from her immediately after the divorce news was announced, they had split up to give themselves time to evaluate what they wanted.

“We are diverging to assess what we want from life and from each other. We appreciate your support,” said Pamela Anderson in a statement released by The Hollywood Reporter.

There is no rule book that defines how strong women should look. For some, it is their resistance, for some the favorite is the bright red lipstick, for some, the success at their dream job, and for some, just being quiet. So, all you strong women out there, don’t let the world define what strength looks like because strength looks just like you, Pamela said.

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