Paradise on Earth: This island has been declared the best in the world


If you are thinking about going to a “deserted” place where you will experience an unforgettable experience then this island is the right destination for you.

Conte Nast Traveler readers” announced the results of a vote on the best island in the world. First place was assigned to the island of Siargao, one of the islands of the Philippines.

Photographs justify this result because no one remains indifferent to white sandy beaches and quiet, hidden and intact forests.

Siargao is an island of 200,000 inhabitants and, although popular, it’s not crowded with tourists, making this destination ideal for escaping from everyday life.

The road to this paradise island is a real adventure. There is no international airport on the island, which means you must first visit Manila, Singapore, Seoul or Honk Kong.

After you board the plane in one of the aforementioned places the flight to this divine island lasts for about two hours.

Siargao is known as the Philippines’s surfer capital. There are as many as 15 places where you can “hunt” the perfect wave. There are many schools where you can master the basics of this sport. You can also rent a boat or diving equipment and indulge yourself in the magic of crystal clear water.

If you are not a water sports fan, you can discover the mysterious forest.

Siargao is the nicest island in the world, but the voting was conducted separately for Australia and the South Pacific, where Whitsunday Island was chosen as the most beautiful one. In the Atlantic Ocean, the island of Bermuda was chosen as the best one, and the most beautiful island in the European seas is Mykonos.

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