Parent Horoscope Reveals: What Kind of Person Your Child Will Grow Into!


A baby born in February will never do anything to upset you, while the July Leo will always keep you quiet about his problems.

Astrology can tell us a lot about someone’s personality, but also what your baby will be like.

Whether you are already researching or not, the month your baby is born determines a lot about her future – from diapers to having fun.

January (Capricorn and Aquarius)

Babies born in January will cause you a lot of problems. They always want to do things their own way and that is why they will have good grades in school, mainly, because they love success. Get ready to welcome a born leader to your family. Sometimes they can be stubborn and always tell you exactly what is on their mind.

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February (Aquarius and Pisces)

If your baby was born in February, it’s probably very creative and has a great imagination. They will love to paint, and as they grow up they will enjoy drawing and painting. They will never do something that would upset you and be popular at school because they are good to others. One thing is for sure, you will never be bored with them.

March (Pisces and Aries)

Similar to babies born in February, babies born in March are creative but tend to be shyer. Very often, they will spend time reading, and they are very generous and love to share with others. They always pay attention, even if you don’t think so, and therefore watch what you do in their presence.

April (Aries and Taurus)

Children born in April are only the best in their early years. They don’t like to share attention with others or even with siblings. They will most likely be the main clown in the class so that all attention is directed to them.

May (Taurus and Gemini)

Kids born this month can easily get bored, so you’ll always be ready to make them have fun. They like to do group activities and that’s why it’s best to enroll them in a sport such as a football or a basketball.

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June (Gemini and Cancer)

June babies are very caring and thoughtful and will get upset if they see someone crying and will be the first to try to cheer that person up. Also, they will love to build things and experiment constantly, and as a result, the clutter in the house will get bigger and bigger as they grow up. Don’t tell them that their ideas are stupid, but let them do their thing and be creative.

July (Cancer and the Lion)

Children born in June and July are very similar, only those born in July are more open and social. Everyone will want to show what they made of the dice because they love it when others are proud of them. Still, keep in mind that they will have trouble telling others if there is any problem in their life.

August (Leo and the Virgo)

These kids are stubborn and know what they want. They will always tell you exactly how things are, even when it may be undesirable.

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September (Virgo and Libra)

September babies can be mean, though sometimes they don’t get it and don’t want it. If you don’t stop that immediately, there is a chance that they will become a bully.

But don’t worry, they’re very smart and quick to learn.

October (Libra and Scorpio)

Children born this month don’t like change and have a hard time adapting to it. They will probably want the same food every day and watch the same cartoon for the 100th time. You can easily entertain them because when they love something, they will never stop playing.

November (Scorpio and Sagittarius)

November babies are fun and scary at the same time. You will have the impression that due to a lack of fear, they won’t be able to welcome their 5th birthday. Because of this, they constantly need supervision so that they don’t regret anything.

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December (Sagittarius and Capricorn)

With a baby born in December, you will have a great adventure from day one. It will crawl before you become aware, and walk before all. They like to be free and explore. As they get older, you will notice that they don’t like to be in one place for a long time, and quiet sitting and attention will be an impossible mission.

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