Parts Of House That Bring Poverty: If You Want Wealth Don’t Keep Money In These Places!


Many of us prefer to keep cash and savings at home rather than at the bank, however, you may not even know that there are certain places in the home and apartment where you should not keep your money

As the esotericists and Feng Shui experts advise, the place you put your money on should be hidden enough that burglars can’t easily find it, but the “storehouse” of valuables should also be energetically strong.

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Esotericists recommend keeping the savings in the southeastern part of the house, because there is a so-called wealth zone. In addition, we must not forget that in the house of each of us there are 4 places where it is not good to save money, so that the profit does not start to decrease.

Entrance hall

Esotericists claim: An incredibly large amount of negative energy accumulates here. It enters your house, when you open the door, it goes through the threshold … You have to understand that negative energy should in no way interfere with the flow of finances in your house, and therefore this space is by no means suitable for holding money.


Feng Shui experts say the money is “hibernating” here, meaning it won’t pile up. Of course, a paycheck can be put in one (only one, not more) night under the mattress, but after that your money has to choose another place.

Toilet or bathroom

Surely in various movies you could see money and valuables being hidden in the toilet bowl. This approach is also not suitable: neither a bathroom nor a toilet can be a good place to save. They seem to have money “floating away” from their owners.

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Photos and books

Often people make a “nest” in books or photo albums. If you do, don’t be surprised to see your money slip through your fingers. The thing is, these items are often sources of negative energy, so keeping money there is simply not desirable.

Where to keep your money?

The best place to keep your money is the kitchen. This room has a surprisingly positive “aura”. You should put money mascots near the place where you keep the money, you can even install a small fish tank. True, an excessive amount of decorations can, on the contrary, bring poverty into your life.

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